1994 - Founded in Tremelo (B)

1996 - First production series in Haasrode (B)

1997 - Move to Rotselaar (B)

2000 - New warehouse

2005 - Acquisition by Watts Water Technologies EMEA

Watts Water Technologies EMEA is the European holding company and also a division of Watts Water Technologies Inc., a leading global manufacturer of products that contributes to comfort and safety in the field of water (quality) for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
The acquisition of Watts Microflex by the group was a logical move since Watts Water Technologies did not yet have a pre-insulated pipe system in its line of products.

Its concept fits in perfectly with the philosophy Technology by nature of Watts Water Technologies for whom renewable energy takes center stage.

The acquisition also ensured that the service and quality Microflex previously offered in a professional and structural framework could be maintained in the future. It also increased the market share significantly thanks to the many sister companies in Germany, Belgium and Great Britain.

After the inclusion of Microflex in the Watts group, the name was changed from Microflex N.V. to Watts Microflex N.V.

2009 - New stacking rack for increased capacity

The warehouse was enlarged in order to pursue a greater storage capacity.
The availability of products increased and as a result it also improved the delivery time to the customer.

2011 - Creation of the Watts Insulation division

An Insulation division was established within the Watts Water Technologies group, which includes Watts Microflex N.V. The name was adjusted accordingly and Watts Insulation N.V. was founded with the Microflex pre-insulated pipe system as its product.

2015 - Start of production in Italy - Distribution in Belgium (Aarschot) - UK - Italy

During the year 2014, the entire production unit was moved from Rotselaar to Gardolo, in the Italian province of Trento. This decision fits perfectly in the strategy to make greater use of the synergies within the entire Watts Group to improve customer service and furthermore mobilize the Research & Development operations.

In turn, the remaining Belgian cutting-and Distribution center, was moved from Rotselaar to Aarschot, a strategically well located part of the province Flemish-Brabant. The site has a good connection with the port of Antwerp, Brussels Airport and neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg.

Because of this move, Europe now has 3 distribution centers for its Microflex products which definitely improves our customer service and minimalizes the delivery time.