Very extensive range of pipes and accessories – complete system High quality standards backed up by ISO 9001 certification Couplings with the highest performance on the market Microflex cross-linked PE-X insulation sheet foam with closed cell structure, delivering significantly superior insulating properties In a heating network operating at a 80°C/60°C temperature regime, 100 m of our MD20063C pipe limits the temperature drop to only 0.2°C at its maximum capacity (235 kW) Outstanding aging resistance of the Microflex insulation material, a lifetime of high insulation performance Unique double wall outside casing in PE-HD providing extra protection to the inner part of the tube Sophisticated geometry of outside casing ensuring unparalleled flexibility and high resistance to impacts and pressure Corrosion-free system and transport pipes with extremely long life and high resistance to external influences such as stress, micro- organisms and temperature swings Total project supervision by experienced staff – engineering, planning, calculations, material selection and more