Microflex QUADRO

Microflex Quadro, pre-insulated PE-Xa, double carrier pipe PN6 - SDR 11, double carrier pipe PN10 -SDR 7,4

Flexible, pre- insulated, self-compensating piping system, composed of an impact resistant, corrugated HDPE twin wall outer jacket in a dark blue color, made according to the “closed chamber” principle and equipped with two carrier pipes made of PE-Xa PN6, according to EN ISO 15875, featuring an oxygen diffusion barrier according to DIN 4726 used for the transport of heating water (back and forth) and two carrier pipes for the transport of hot (or cold) potable water, wastewater or other fluids.
These carrier pipes are surrounded by a multilayer thermal insulation made of cross-linked PE foam with a closed cell structure, CFC free, with a lambda-value of 0,040 W/mK at 40°C. The insulating centerpiece guarantees an effective separation, of flow, return, hot water and circulation pipes.
Minimal water absorption capacity < 1% according with ISO 2896.
Used for duct-free underground installation or installation inside of buildings, for the transport of liquids.
Corrosion and decomposition free.