Microflex DUO PRIMO sanitary

Microflex Primo Duo S, pre-insulated PE-Xa, double carrier pipe, PN10 – SDR 7,4

Flexible, pre- insulated, self-compensating piping system, composed of an impact resistant, corrugated HDPE twin wall outer jacket in a dark blue color, made according to the “closed chamber” principle and equipped with two carrier pipes made of PE-Xa, according to EN ISO 15875, for hot and cold water systems. Used for the transport of potable water, wastewater and other fluids. These carrier pipes are surrounded by a multilayer thermal insulation made of cross-linked PE foam with a closed cell structure, CFC free, with a lambda-value of 0,040 W/mK at 40°C. Minimal water absorption capacity < 1% according with ISO 2896. The insulating centerpiece guarantees an effective separation of hot water and circulation pipes. Used for duct-free underground installation or installation inside of buildings, for the transport of liquids. Corrosion and decomposition free.